"Look for the sticker" The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) is the state's administrator for the Amusement Ride Safety Inspection and Insurance Act, Occupations Code Chapter 2151. To legally operate in Texas, an amusement ride owner/operator must file with TDI an insurance policy with certain minimum limits for bodily injury for persons using the ride and an annual amusement ride saftey inspection certificate. The inspection is performed by an approved inspector of the insurance company. Rides meeting the requirements will be issued a TDI Amusement Ride Compliance Sticker (similar to an automobile safety inspection sticker), which will indicate the expiration date of the inspection certificate. The sticker should be affixed to a major component of each ride in a location visible to the ride participants.

Download a Copy of Our Insurance Certificate

You can see a list of all the companies in compliance by clicking here.
Hop N Party is 100% compliant with all state requirements! We are dedicated to meeting all best safety practices, so as to ensure a fun and safe environment for our customers and their families.
Inflatables (bouncers) are a very safe form of entertainment if properly maintained and set up. The state currently requires, at least on paper, an inflatable company to carry a 1 million dollar insurance policy as well as have an annual safety inspection for each individual inflatable unit. If the unit passes the inspection then a sticker will be issued (much like for your vehicle) that is to be adhered to the unit for everyone to see. Please always look for the sticker.
Hop N Party believes it is important to be completely transparent to our customers; that is why we have made available on our website a copy of our current insurance certificate, as well as a link to the Texas Department of Insurance (“TDI”) website. On the TDI website you can check not only our compliance but any other company in the state of Texas.

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Hop N Party believes safety is of the highest priority; that is why we have no problem in making the financial commitment to follow the law. We encourage you to only support operators that are committed to safety and are in full compliance with Texas law. You may also wish to communicate to your state representatives that this is a matter that deserves greater attention.
We look forward to serving our community and providing a fun and safe environment for all.

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